Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pirate Song/Pirate Dance

"None of us knew what we'd be someday. The Dance is done bouncing on bent knees, swaying and rolling to the swells of the Sargasso Sea."

They asked me what I wanted to be
when I grew up, I said
I didn't know,
I thought I might screw up.
Who'd ever have thought I'd be a pirate.

I thought I might wear a dress some day,
I thought I might work for
very little pay.
I never would have thought in all my livin' days
that it would turn out quite this way.

I'm a pirate, you see,
livin' it up,
I take my fever right out to the sea,
I meet Jean Lafitte, and all those pretty boys sweet,
I dig the bullion treasure to the doo-dah . . .

A pig! I say,
"Oh I love this life."
I couldn't ever give it up now that I've had a taste
of the pirate's life:
sunrise, the sunset,
and every day's a little treasure,
that's the pirate's life!

Come on boys, let's play it . . .

Diesel "Mel" Cats - vocals, banana harp, carabao harp
Franco "Cat-Man" Duwe - acoustic guitar
Fathead Cats - alto sax
Stu "Cats" Mulligatawny - baritone sax
Manx Ah-Moongus - bass
Chano Gato - percussion

Pirate Song/Pirate Dance © 1991 Dennis Criteser